Private school teacher faces sex assault charges

teacherverification March 20, 2014 0

A teacher at a Calgary private school has been charged after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a female student. Police launched an investigation after the allegations were brought forward on March 5, 2014.

“The student went to a confidant, an adult that she trusted and disclosed,” said CPS S/Sgt. Kelly Campbell, Child Abuse Unit.

The 36-year-old teacher is charged with sexual interference with a child under 16 years, invitation to sexual touching with a child under 16 years, sexual contact with a youth by person in authority and sexual assault.

The relationship is alleged to have taken place between April 2011 and February 2014.

“I believe she has known him since she was 13 in the school,” said S/Sgt Campbell. “He’s a teacher in the school. The teacher cannot have a relationship with any student in the school whether it’s his direct student or not.”

The offender’s name and the name of the private school involved are not being released because the 17-year-old victim is still a student there and police say protecting her identity is a priority.

Police say they do not believe there are any other victims.

The man was arrested and charged on Wednesday and has already made his first court appearance.

His next court date in April 3, 2014.


Source: ctvnews

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