Former teacher convicted of sexually assaulting student seeks new trial

teacherverification May 8, 2014 0

Tyrone McCoy

An ex-teacher convicted of molesting a student is back in a Muscogee County courtroom.

Cristina Preston was convicted last June of child molestation, statutory rape and sexual assault on a person in custody. Now, under new representation, Preston is motioning for a new trial.

News Leader 9’s Tyrone McCoy has been in that hearing all day and at Government Center the very latest on the hearing.

From the judge and jurors to the way evidence and interviews were conducted, the defendant’s attorney came out alleging wrong-doings against the state. Attorney Mark Post went back and forth today about videos that were not admitted to evidence — where the minor repeatedly denied anything happening between him and Preston.

But the state remains the facts were heard in the first trial.

Preston’s attorney also brought her OB/GYN up to testify that during the alleged sexual assault, it would’ve been painful, but not impossible to have intercourse.

Preston’s father was brought up to recount what he saw when he discovered his daughter stranded on the side of the road with the minor last year.

Source: wtvm

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