Private school teacher charged with sexual assault flees

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by: Holden Wilen

A teacher at The Frost School has fled to Hong Kong, Montgomery County police say, after allegedly sexually assaulting a 15-year-old autistic student.

Russ Hamill, assistant chief of police, said the victim disclosed information last month about having a relationship with a teacher which included sexual act. Police then initiated an investigation, which led to the issuance of an arrest warrant on Nov. 12.

The teacher, 25-year-old Yee Tak Sharon Kui, is being charged with two counts of third sex offense, one count of sex abuse of a minor and sexual solicitation of a minor, Hamill said. Once detectives received the arrest warrant, they went to apprehend Kui, Hamill said, but found out from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security she had fled to Hong Kong.

“The victim is a child, a child of special needs. He should have been nurtured and protected by his teacher and by everybody that comes into contact with him,” Hamill said. “Instead his teacher chose, in her position of trust over him, she chose to violate that trust and further chose to irreparably harm this child. For that, she needs to be held accountable and brought back here to Montgomery County to face these charges.”

According to the application for statement of charges filed with the Montgomery County District Court, the victim disclosed he and Kui had been sending sexually explicit text messages to one another on a regular basis.

Then, according to the document, on Nov. 3, Kui visited the victim at his Silver Spring home while his parents were out. While visiting, Kui allegedly kissed the victim and fondled his genitals.

A second incident occurred, allegedly, on Nov. 10, according to the document, when Kui visited the victim again. This time they engaged in oral sex and intercourse.

According to police, Kui fled the country on Nov. 13.

Hamill said the victim’s family first contacted The Frost School, before contacting police. Once the school began its investigation, he said, Kui fled the country.

“We are seeking her return,” Hamill said, “in order for her to face these serious allegations and be held accountable for her actions.

According to the document Kui, a Rockville resident who is originally from China, allegedly had a conversation with the victim on Nov. 11, where she told him she would rather flee the country than go to jail.

Ron Harding, the victim’s father, said the experience has been traumatic for his son and the family. His son is not currently attending the school.

“This is the kind of situation that kills faith,” said Harding, a ministry leader for the Washington, D.C. International Christian Church.

While it is uncommon for families to identify themselves, Harding said, he and his wife thought they needed to incase there are other victims.

“First and foremost our concern is for our son and our family,” Harding said, “but also our concern is for other potential victims that we believe there might be.”

By identifying themselves, Harding said his family hopes other families will go to the police if they suspect their child is a victim.

The Frost School released a statement Tuesday evening, expressing sadness about the allegations, but saying it believes the incident is an isolated one.

“Based on the information we have become aware of today regarding the charges that have been filed by Montgomery County Police, we fully believe that this very serious and egregious allegation represents an isolated event. We have taken immediate steps with our staff to reinforce the policies regarding away -from -school communication with students and staff-student boundaries.

“The allegations and charges that have precipitated from them are heartbreaking to everyone in The Frost School family and our thoughts and prayers are with the student and family at the center of this situation.”

This article was written by Holden Wilen and originally published on thesentinel

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