Former LaFayette High School teacher pleads guilty to having sex with student

teacherverification November 20, 2013 0


A former LaFayette High School teacher and city councilman pleaded guilty last week to having sex with one of his students. Norman Earl Hodge III, who was arrested in February on two counts of sexual assault by an authority figure, was sentenced to five years of probation after making the plea in Walker County Superior Court on Nov. 4.

Hodge also had to pay $2,850 in fines and fees. According to a police report, Hodge had sex with a student from his economics class twice during Christmas break last year.

The first time, the two met at a McDonald’s. Hodge, 42, told the 17-year-old that he bought her a Kavu bag, which looks like a backpack with one strap.

This article originally appeared on wrcbtv

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