Former Perry teacher pleads guilty to sex assault charges

teacherverification November 7, 2013 0


A former Perry Traditional High School teacher accused of sexually assaulting two students pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges Wednesday.

Two girls, ages 15 and 16, made accusations against Michael White that they had a sexual encounter with him.

One of the girls told police that she had sex with White at his Hamilton Avenue home. She said they also smoked marijuana and drank alcohol several times in the fall of 2012.

White made Wednesday’s plea deal after prosecutors announced they had a tattoo artist who was prepared to testify that White got new tattoos after the alleged assaults in order to discredit his victims, who told police he didn’t have any tattoos.

“We were able to get the seven most serious charges dismissed or withdrawn. Mr. White felt it was in his best interest to take a plea,” defense attorney Blaine Jones said. “He’s contrite about what happened. It’s time to move forward and get the best sentence possible.”

White is free on bond and will be sentenced on Feb. 3.

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