Ex-teacher skips out on parole after sexual assault conviction

teacherverification January 16, 2013 0



A report out of New York is a wild tale of a teacher and sex, broken parole, claims of innocence and misunderstanding as well as being on the run from the law.

It’s the  that has the report on Cara Dickey, a Buffalo-area woman who worked as a teacher but was convicted in 2009 of sexual assault crimes involving a student, a 14-year-old boy. The story even involves alcohol and a suicide pact. She’s free from custody but was on parole, something she skipped out on after removing her court-ordered ankle bracelet. She is being investigated for violating parole by having contact with a minor, involving her girlfriend’s young child.

Dickey is on the run from the police but is making regular contact to the public via local television stations, stating her case. She said the contact was a “misunderstanding.”

 This article was written by STEPHEN FRYE and originally published on theoaklandpress

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