Teacher Background Checks – Do a Criminal Check on a Teacher

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By James Dean

Let’s face it, one of the most treasured things in anyone’s life is in fact their children whether you would want to admit it or not. Making sure that your children are watched by people who can be trusted is an important part and with all of the headlines in the news concerning teachers, making sure that your child’s teacher is not a criminal; is very important. The average school district now automatically does a criminal background check on all applying teachers, but is this enough? Although the Parent Teachers Association has worked together closely to make sure all teachers can pass a criminal background check, there are still those teachers that somehow slide through the cracks.






No one wants a pedophile in charge of teaching their children so do your child a favor and check all of his or her teachers every semester to ensure that those teachers are in fact trustworthy.

A teacher background check should be an important item on your child’s semester agenda since they get new teachers every semester. Once the get to middle school they will have multiple teachers. In some school districts a child can deal with over 10 different teachers every semester if you include their extracurricular activities. This is 10 or more people that can potentially be dangerous for your child to be around. Making sure your children are safe is important and so should doing a teacher background check on all the teachers that your child comes into contact with.

The last thing anyone wants is to find out that their child became impregnated by a teacher or that their child made a teacher pregnant. It has happened in the past and it continues to happen even with all the steps that the various school boards have taken to make sure their teachers are safe. Take it one more step and do teacher background checks to make sure that teacher has not done a crime since his or her school board criminal background check. Make your child’s safety your number one concern starting with those who are supposed to be trusted to watch over and teach our children how to think and act.

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