Dance teacher sentenced to 5 months in jail for sexual exploitation

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A hip hop dance instructor was sentenced to five months in jail and one year probation for having sex with a 16-year-old girl who was one of his students.

Oliver Damaso, 30, was sentenced Thursday after he was found guilty of sexual exploitation last year.

Damaso apologized when Justice Darlene Acton asked him if he wanted to say anything to the court.

“I’m sorry for anything I caused,” he said.”I love my family. I love my friends and I’m thankful for them to be here.”

During the hearing, Damaso’s mother kneeled on the floor of the courtroom clutching what looked like a Bible.

As the judge handed down her sentence, Damaso’s mother slumped over and and kept repeating, “Please give me back my son.”

Victim suffers from anxiety

Damaso had sex with the girl at her home in April 2009, an act the judge said was a case of sexual abuse that Damaso engineered for months.

A person under the age of 18 cannot legally consent in Canada to have sex with someone in a position of trust, power or authority.

The court was told the girl still suffers from anxiety and won’t go back to dance class.

The Crown was seeking a sentence of one year in jail, while the defence suggested a term of five months.

Damaso must submit a DNA sample for the national sex offender registry and undergo a psychological assessment and counselling.

Source : cbc

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