Sixth grade teacher charged with having sex with 12-year-old boy

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A sixth grade teacher at Tacoma’s Gray Middle School has been charged with having sex with a 12-year-old boy in her class.

Keshia T. Shaw faces five counts of second-degree rape stemming from the alleged incidents that began in 2007 and spanned nearly two years, prosecutors said. Shaw taught math and science at the school.

At end of his sixth grade year, the victim, then 12-years-old, had to retake a test in Shaw’s classroom. During the test, the victim noticed Shaw wasn’t wearing underwear under her dress, prosecutors wrote in court documents.

Shaw noticed him looking and asked if he was turned on, then took the victim to a nearby room where they had sex, detectives said.

About a week later, the victim stayed after school and they had sex again, documents said. Two months later, Shaw gave the victim a ride home where they then had sex in the victim’s bedroom as the mother was at work, prosecutors said.

The victim went to another school for seventh grade, but in eighth grade, the victim ran away from home and went to Gray Middle School again to visit friends. He ran into Shaw, and they went into another room and had sex, detectives said. Shaw then drove the him to a bank where she withdrew $80, gave it to him, then drove to a parking lot and performed a sexual act with the victim, according to police. That was the last time the victim saw Shaw.

The victim just recently reported the incidents to his mother and a family friend in May after he went to church and heard a sermon discussing molestation. The friend of the family then contacted Child Protective Services.

The victim told detectives he had previously told two of his friends about the sexual acts and police confirmed the friends were told similar stories.

Police attempted to reach Shaw on May 10 but were not successful, but they did confirm Shaw had been placed on administrative leave.

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