Background Checks For Youth Coaches

teacherverification May 29, 2012 0

by: Adam Chodak

All the coaches, all the umps and all the folks who work the concession stand at the little league fields in Penfield have submitted to a background check.

It’s standard policy for little leagues across the state.

“To make sure they don’t show up on any sex offender registry or any other negative situation to make sure the kids are protected,” said Ken Liesegang, Little League district administrator.





News of Leslie Hoke’s arrest this week proves to many parents the value of background checks.

Hoke is accused of volunteering to coach in Canandaigua, Geneva and Waterloo in order to lure in and sexually abuse teenage boys. It should be noted that Hoke is not a registered sex offender.

“I would never feel comfortable letting my kids go out there and interact without knowing about their safety,” said Penfield parent Susan Berg.

The SUNY Youth Sports Institute says more and more youth sports organizations are following little league’s lead.

Liesegang says there is no law in New York regarding background checks for youth coaches, but adds the state can help by keep it sex offender registry is up to date.

Source : 13wham

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