Bronx daycare teacher arrested for child pornography

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Homeland Security agents, working along side the NYPD, arrested Joshua Conde on Thursday on charges that he possessed and distributed child pornography.

Conde, 26, worked in a Bronx daycare center as a teacher known as Bronx House for approximately one year, where he worked with children ages 5 through 12, Eyewitness News reports.  According to officials, Conde passed a background check.

“He was fingerprinted and put through a central registry and cleared. He was clean,” the executive director told Eyewitness News.

“Joshua Conde’s close proximity to children makes his alleged possession and  distribution of child pornography all the more disturbing,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement obtained by DNAinfo.

“As we have said repeatedly, we have zero tolerance for the exploitation of  children and we will prosecute and punish those who engage in this conduct.”

According to a report by Eyewitness News, Federal agents recently infiltrated a child porn site and were able to trace Conde’s screen name to an 11th floor apartment in a high-rise in the Soundview section of the Bronx, where he was arrested on Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal reports that agents found graphic images on Conde’s computer of young girls performing sex acts with men.

Court papers obtained by Eyewitness News state that Conde told agents, “that he downloads pornographic materials from the internet, and that we would find child pornography on an external hard drive attached to his computer. They depict minors engaging in sexually-explicit conduct.”

Conde’s attorney, Brian Pakett, said his client ”has pled not guilty, is fighting the charges and looks forward to his day in court,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

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