School suspends teacher convicted of sexual offence

teacherverification May 3, 2012 0

The Board of Directors at a high school in Kingston has suspended the teacher who was convicted of a sexual offence but had continued teaching.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites says the decision was made to remove the male teacher from the classroom in the interest of the welfare of the children.

In a release this afternoon, the education minister noted with alarm, reports that the teacher was allowed to continue teaching despite being convicted of sexual assault against a second form student two years ago.

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In light of the situation, he says the establishment of the Jamaica Teaching Council and the licensing for all members of the profession is urgently needed.

Mr. Thwaites says when the Council is established and computerised data systems implemented, information on infractions and other matters of litigation being pursued by School Boards will automatically flow to all relevant officials.

Source : jamaica

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