DeSoto band teacher arrested for sexual assault

teacherverification April 13, 2012 0

A DeSoto County High School teacher has been removed from the school after being arrested for the sexual battery of one of his students.

On April 7th, authorities were notified of the alleged abuse by the victim, who is now 20 years old.

She said teacher Luis O. Alvarez, 33, had sexual contact with her from January 2009 through June 2010.

Alvarez allegedly admitted to fondling and sexually battering her starting when she was 17-years-old. The sexual relationship progressed after the woman was 18, according to the arrest report.

He was charged with two counts of sexual assault.

School superintendent Adrian Cline says Alvarez, who was the band teacher at both the high school and middle school, was suspended without pay.

“It certainly leave us all a bit dumbfounded,” Cline said.

Cline says the community is in shock. Administrators had a meeting Thursday with the band students to quell rumors and explain what happened.

“Our objective was to try to get everything flowing as smoothly as possible so we’re not continually battling rumors,” said Cline.


Source : abc

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