Teacher in court accused of sex assault on pupils

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A teacher abused his position of trust to sexually assault pupils, a court heard. Neil Carr, 25, of Polperro Close, Royton, was a teacher who was highly regarded until remarks by two young boys were overheard by chance, it was alleged. Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court was told the words ‘Mr Carr is gay’ aroused concern with a supervisor who happened to be passing as the youngsters were talking. Further enquiries led to claims that Mr Carr had been sexually touching them, and within days, similar allegations were made by a third boy, the court heard. The teacher was later suspended and a police investigation was launched.

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He is now facing 20 charges of sexual assault, involving seven boys. He denies all the charges Lisa Boocock, prosecuting, said from the time Mr Carr was first interviewed about the claims made against him, he had denied ever touching children inappropriately. She said: “He said it was a pack of lies invented by pupils, and that they were spreading malicious gossip. He said they had effectively put their heads together and made it up, spurred on by over-zealous parents, who were themselves spreading rumours. “It was some kind of horrendous conspiracy: the pupils were all lying, and parents were in it with them.” Ms Boocock told the jury of four women and eight men that the Crown’s case was that the youngsters were in fact telling the truth. She said: “They had no reason to lie about a teacher they liked and respected. They had nothing to gain by making up these allegations. Matters like this are highly embarrassing and difficult to talk about at this age, yet they did so to their parents, and later to the police. “We say he took risks, but touched children carefully. We say you will be sure he is guilty after hearing all the evidence in this case.” The jury was told that the story given by the boys concerned had been remarkably similar in nature. They claimed that the teacher would approach them, crouch by their side, and while talking to them, would sexually assault them. Ms Boocock said the allegations were made in February last year.
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