Substitute teacher under investigation by Ft. Bragg officials

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By: NBC17 Staff

A substitute teacher at a Fort Bragg is under investigation over allegations of inappropriate behavior, Fort Bragg officials confirm.

In November, base officials say a parent at Pope elementary came forward claiming their child was a victim.

“The substitute teacher has not been employed by the Fort Bragg system since we received the initial allegation and further has been barred from entering the installation,” said Col. Stephen Sicinski, Garrison Commander.

Fort Bragg officials aren’t identifying the substitute teach, but say he taught at seven different schools over the last two years.

“Pope elementary and Holbrook elementary school are where this teacher spent most of his time substitute teaching in the system.” said Col. Sicinski. “They are the schools where the investigation got triggered from.”

Supt. Emily Marsh said the substitute passed their application process which includes reference checks, an installation background check and a formal background check.

A letter was sent to parents and guardians of students at the seven schools to inform them of the allegations. It also encourages parents to call the Dept. of Social Work if they think their child was a victim at 910-907-6680.

Forth Bragg is holding several town hall meetings Friday so parents can get more information. Those meeting will be held at the following locations and times.

  • Pope Elementary School auditorium at 10 a.m.
  • Holbrook Elementary School auditorium at 1:30 p.m.
  • Main Post Theater at 4 p.m.

Source : nbc17

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