Background Checks on Teachers: Why it is Important

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Our children are probably the people we love most. These precious little ones surely give us a reason to see life in a beautiful and positive way. This is why we do everything we can to raise them well and to ensure that they are protected at all times.

One of the most crucial stages in our children’s life is the education part. Yes, education begins at home and we have done our part on that. But now that are child has grown a little older and will now embark on another important chapter of her life, it is only necessary that we are able to give the best education for them.

With all the news that talks about many teachers’ involvements in acts of felonies, it is understandable for parents to grow concern over their kid’s safety and welfare. A background check will help you ensure that your child is in safe hands.

Sure, most schools undergo employment background checks but some do not conduct one even though they claim otherwise. So to be doubly sure, why not conduct your own? Through the help of a reputable and reliable background checking company, you will be able to determine whether a school teacher is an appropriate mentor for your child or not.

A thorough background check from an efficient background checking company will be able to provide you with essential pieces of information regarding a teacher’s educational background, employment historycriminal records, driving records, credit reports, incarceration records, licenses, character references, Social Security number, military records, and medical records. All this information are crucial in helping you decide if your child’s school teacher is someone you can trust or not.

  1. A background check can ensure that your child’s school teacher has no criminal records. Your child’s teacher is the one whom your child will spending a lot of time with and will be learning a lot from. You certainly do not want a person who has been involved with felonies such as kidnapping, murder, sexual abuse or other acts of violence to be the one teaching and tending to your kid.
  1. A background check can verify information on resume. You are not the teacher’s employer so you would probably not get a hold of the teacher’s resume but you would at least be able to know the teacher’s educational background and employment history.

Resume falsifications are very rampant these days as many people claim that they have graduated from this top university or have worked for many years already even if they did not.

  1. A background check provides medical records. Because of this, it would be easier for you to determine if your child’s teacher is both mentally and physically healthy. You do everything you can to ensure that your child is in good health at all times and you surely do not want him to catch any communicable disease that a teacher might have.

Furthermore, a background check will give you a heads-up on the teacher’s mental health. Remember, an emotionally or psychologically unstable teacher may not be able to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for your little one.

  1. A background check gives records of drug tests. This will help you stay away from teachers who have been involved in drug use. Even if he is the best kind of educator, who has graduated from a top university, if you discover that he is a cocaine user, you would know that it is not safe to put your child’s educational needs in his hands because drug use can alter a person’s perception and behavior.

  • Parents should conduct background checks on all of the child’s school teachers. Do not exempt a certain teacher just because she looks nice, dresses well, or speaks in a soft manner. Keep in mind that looks can be deceiving.
  • Conduct background checks every semester. Your child may have different teachers every semester so it is important that you have them all covered.
  • Check the school’s reputability. Reputable schools are more likely to conduct effective and accurate background checks and are less likely to hire teachers with criminal records.

Conducting background searches on teachers does not mean you are a paranoid parent, it only means that you are doing your job in ensuring that your child is safe and protected at all times.

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