Teacher accused of sexually assaulting a female student

teacherverification February 11, 2015 0

Simangele Legodi

A 50-year-old teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting a female student, who was summoned to explain why she was not at school the previous day.
Cornelious Muradzi, a teacher at Genius College was arrested and charged with sexual assault after he hugged, kissed and fondled his student’s breast in his office.
During a bail hearing Muradzi denied the allegations. He has since been released on $50 (R 579.47) bail.
On the 5th of February, the 17-year-old student was in class attending a Shona lesson, when she was asked by Muradzi’s why she failed to come to school the previous day, Newsday.co.zw reported.
Unable to explain herself, the student was then summoned to Muradzi’s office so that they could discuss the issue.
The court heard from the prosecutor Norman Koropi, how the young lady was so emotional when she had to explain herself but was taken aback when Muradzi started to hugging, kissing her and fondling her breasts, in supposed ‘effort to console her’.
After the traumatic incident the girl stormed out of the office and informed a keeper at the college, and that led to Muradzi’s arrest.
Source: thenewage

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