Police investigating claims of sexual assault at school

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Lydia Esparra

Police are investigating claims that a kindergartner was sexually assaulted at school.

The child’s mother says the incident took place before Christmas break, and he kept quiet about it until he opened up to a relative on Christmas day. The 21-year-old mom says she believes her 5-year-old son, who says he was forced to perform sexual acts on another student.

“If he was lying, no way he would have told police,” said the mother.
The boy makes it clear what happened to him was not his choice.

“He sat down on his knees. I turned around and he grabbed my neck and made me touch his private parts,” he said.

The boy says it happened in the boy’s bathroom at Orchard School of Science on Cleveland’s west side.

“Somebody was in the bathroom in my classroom, so my teacher told me get a hall pass,” he said.

He says it happened so fast and did not report it to his teacher.

“I was afraid to tell her. I was scared,” he said.

But he wasn’t afraid to tell his story to his 11-year-old aunt, who informed an adult.

We reported the incident to the district after the mother says she tried to call the school over break. On Monday, she went and filed a report with the school and has a copy of a police report.

She wants answers. She says she knew something was wrong. He loves school and loves learning. Now he doesn’t want to go.

“He would just come home and say he was scared and didn’t like the school,” she said.

We spoke to the district and they say an incident report has been filed with the school and the district’s investigative unit was sent to assist the family. Although, Cleveland Police will take the lead in this investigation.

Source: 19actionnews

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