Teacher admits sexual misconduct with student

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A Shelton High School teacher and coach pleaded guilty Monday to sexual misconduct with a minor and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Christopher Michael Frazier, 30, faces a sentence of anywhere from six to 12 months, and is ordered to give up his firearms and not have contact with the student.

He will also have to register as a sex offender.

Frazier bailed out after his Dec. 10 arrest at the school. He initially asked why he was under arrest and was advised it was due to a sexual relationship with a student.

Frazier allegedly admitted befriending a student, and taking her to a movie and that she spent the night at his home. He then terminated the interview without speaking of a sexual relationship, asked for an attorney and did not discuss the allegations, police said.

Last summer a 17-year-old girl moved to Shelton from California to live with her grandparents following a sexual assault. She attended summer school at Shelton High and met Frazier, a first-year teacher, in one of her classes, according to investigators. She became friendly with Frazier’s young daughter, whom he would bring to class.

The daughter asked the girl to accompany her and Frazier to a movie. After the movie they returned to Frazier’s home, where the girl and Frazier had consensual sex, according to police.

The sexual relationship allegedly lasted through the summer and into the beginning of the school year. The girl told detectives she and Frazier had 15 sexual encounters before amicably ending the relationship in early November.

She asserted that Frazier had often commented that their relationship was wrong and they could get into trouble if they were found out.

She provided cellphone evidence that she had sent sexually suggestive photos and he had sent her love notes. Police said one of his texts read:

“All I’ve been able to think about is how attracted I am to you and how crazy that is. I hate that I have to sleep in my empty bed without seeing you or hearing your voice. In my dreams though you have been there and I hate waking up because I know you can’t be there when I do. I don’t want you to go to Aberdeen but if you do I won’t forget you.”

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