Middle school teacher flees to Germany after sexually assaulting student

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Melissa Barclay

A middle school teacher from Lake Forest, Illinois fled after he allegedly sexually assaulted a student two years ago.

According to NBC Chicago, Michael R. Vucic, 41, had been teaching at the school for 18 years. The victim is a former student at the school and is under the age of 13.

The victim recently told her grandparents that she was sexually assaulted by Vucic multiples times in 2012. The school was contacted by investigators on Aug. 26, but Vuccic was not at the school that day.

The man is believed to have fled to Germany earlier this week.

“My office went out looking for him, and we received information from immigration and customs says he boarded a plane for Germany on Tuesday afternoon,” said the county’s Sheriff Detective Wendell Russell.

According to the Daily Herald, authorities believe the man fled to Germany because he has relatives there. Russell said that the “incident occurred at the school.”

An arrest warrant was issued for the man on Friday. Russell said Vucic fled after he found out the child was going to reveal the abuse. Vucic is charged with five counts of predatory sexual assault and five counts of sexual assault.

Investigators believe the girl is just one of many victims.

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