Brockville teacher facing sex assault charges

teacherverification June 10, 2014 0

A high school teacher with the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario has been charged with sexual assault in a case involving a former student.

Last Monday, a 22 year old Brockville woman went to city police to report a series of alleged incidents of physical and sexual abuse that began in 2005 while she was a student at St. Mary’s High School in Brockville.

The allegations stem from incidents that occurred at school and during field trips, as well as through text messages and social media.

She told officers the abuse continued until just recently.

Police executed a search warrant on the suspect’s home last Thursday and seized a number of items connected to the investigation.

Dave Rancourt, 43, a teacher at St. Mary’s High School was arrested and charged on Friday.

He is in custody pending a bail hearing today.

Source: ckwstv

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