Kindergarten Teacher Commands Class to Take Turns Hitting Girl

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by Peter Barefoot


Kindergarten Teacher Commands a Class of 29 Children to Take Turns Hitting Little Girl

Reader tip: While Weifang Changle County Chengguan Street 6-year-old Le Le was attending class at a kindergarten there, because she had talked during class, the teacher had the class of 29 children take turns punching Le Le 10 times each, causing a large bruise to appear on Le Le’s back. Up to now, Le Le is afraid to go to school, and the teacher who commanded the students to punch her hasn’t shown up since either.

Under her mother and this reporter’s encouragement, Le Le described what happened. That day during music class, Ms. Bi was playing the piano on the platform. A classmate took Le Le’s eraser, Le Le asked him for it, but wouldn’t give it back. Ms. Bi came down off the platform, accused Le Le of talking in class, and ordered the whole class to hit her, 10 punches for each person. There were 32 children in the class and apart from two children who didn’t hit her, the other students all punched her 10 times each.

After Le Le left the hospital, Mrs. Hao [Le Le’s mother] has been asking the kindergarten how they’re going to deal with this hitting incident, never imagining that the kindergarten principal would not pay any more visits after the one visit to the hospital. What more, even when Mrs. Hao and her husband went to the kindergarten, the relevant person in charge of the kindergarten would not see them nor would the kindergarten principal be reached by phone. So Mrs. Hao sought the Changle County Education Bureau where one of the bureau’s staff workers said the teacher who had commanded the whole class of children to hit Le Le has already been fired, but she has already gone into hiding and couldn’t be found.

On the morning of August 7, this reporter reached kindergarten principal Yan on the phone. Upon learning this reporter’s identity [as a reporter], the principal immediately hung up. Afterwards, the reporter contacted Changle County Education Bureau and one of the bureau staff workers told this reporter that a the disciplinary decision had already been made regarding the person involved. When this reporter asked what the decision was, this staff member told the reporter to contact the news spokesman of the bureau, Secretary Guo, but this Secretary Guo’s phone could never be reached.

While this reporter was doing this interview, at 19:37 on August 6, the Changle County Police Bureau posted a message through their official weibo: “July 11, we received a report concerning kindergarten student Le Le was hit and injured. The district police station immediately dispatched police officers to investigate. Through investigation, this teacher used disguised corporal punishment on the student causing slight injury, violating the relevant regulations of the Teachers Law of the Peoples Republic of China, and was then handed over to Education Administration Department. July 14, the Education Administration Department dismissed this teacher from work.”

This article was written by Peter Barefoot  and originally published on chinasmack


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