Back Ground Checks and School Contractors – Who’s Screened?

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By: Allen Richardson

In Victoria Australia, it was recently reported that you have individuals on school grounds that have access to kids are not run through a criminal background check prior or in their employment.

As we live at a time where criminal background checks can be accessible and reasonable to run on individuals, will still be easy for individuals who have questionable records on his or her criminal history to locate loopholes within the system that will allow them access to our kids.  The loophole that presently exists with regards to access to children is the waste management contractors who’re on the school grounds through the hours when the students are at school or on the playground.  Presently the 40 to 80 contract waste management employees are not background screened.

It appears to be something that will be soon handled because of the press received.  What We have learned during my involvement inside the background screening process, is the fact that people who have issues when it comes to children commonly find these types of opportunities to gain access to youngsters.  Wildly enough as any organization whether public or private as they begin to institute a through background screening process, there are many people who seem to no longer be considering being involved with fear that they will soon be discovered.
You can almost assume that since the press coverage and pressure about the school system in Victoria grows, you will see a number of the contractors that may soon seek other careers.

The schools in Victoria have over one thousand contracts on their own books and nearly half of them are not required by the present legislation to get screened for his or her employment.  There are several types of positions within the school system which are not necessary to be screened  that may not put the contractor in an arena in which the students are present and that is understandable.  However, it is these types of loop holes that people of ill intent seem to locate.

As we all desire to protect the youngsters, we simply cannot depend upon the federal government to be responsible for the safety of our own kids.  We all possess a responsibility to make sure that our kids can grow and learn in a safe environment.  Personally, I do not feel that it is our government’s responsibility to make certain that every precaution needs to be taken but our own responsibility.  So do not expect our children are safe and that the individuals that they are in contact with are already screened and start to ask questions.

National criminal background checks, online sex offender registries, pre employment back ground checks and lots of other sources are available online and really should be utilized.  Implementing and Photo ID card and background check policy allows everyone to determine just what people have been screened.  When an individual dons a photo id card that identifies that he / she has been through a criminal background check screen provides quick and visible proof an effective screening process.

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