Accused teacher allowed to teach only if aide was present

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Milford ISD Band Director William Trussell was charged in early April with sexual assault of a child. When the charges were made public, at least one father in Milford was not surprised.

“I just know this man has a problem keeping his hands and his eyes to himself,” the man said.

News 8 is concealing the man’s identity to protect his 13-year-old daughter. She claimed William Trussell sat her on his lap and fondled her inside the Milford School last spring.

Milford ISD placed Trussell on paid administrative leave while police investigated. When no charges were filed, and the district reinstated Trussell in the fall, but there was a catch to his employment: he was required to have an aide in his classroom at all times.

The superintendent said the decision to place an aide was in “everyone’s best interest.” He would answer no more questions about the case.

“I never dreamed he’d go back to work there, but he did,” the father said. “I think its a crying shame to pay two teachers to teach one class.”

April 5, Trussell was charged with sexual assault of a child in a case from several years ago. When the charges were filed, Milford ISD placed Trussell back on paid leave.

The sexual assault charges stem from what a former student claims was a 17-month-long sexual relationship, from 2004 to 2006, when Trussell was band director at Italy High School, just six miles from Milford.

The complainant said she was was 15 and Trussell was 55 when the relationship began. The arrest warrant says the student kept journals chronicling the encounters, which happened inside Italy’s band hall.

The warrant also says Trussell denied a sexual relationship with the girl, but admitted he “showed her more attention than he should have.”

Milford Police say they are now re-opening the complaint they received last year. The Milford father has hired an attorney.

“We are thankful to the girl in Italy that came forward,” he said. “She’s very brave, that’s a huge step.”

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