Pennsylvania and New Jersey implement strict, mindful background checks for school systems

teacherverification April 9, 2012 0

New Jersey and Pennsylvania recently passed legislation requiring all school board members to pass a background screening, which has raised questions among some skeptics, reports.

The New Jersey legislation was passed by Governor Chris Christie back in May, while Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania signed it into law in late June, which took effect in September, according to The Republic.

Ultimately, these laws are aimed to protect the children of New Jersey and Pennsylvania – however, most, if not all, of the board members don’t have interaction with the children of the school system, as their offices are located at locations off school grounds. This has led some to believe that unless a crime was recent or egregious, it should not amount to a firing or application denial.

However, Michelle Zettlemoyer, Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania school district director of human resources told The Republic not all criminal cases lead to job termination. While it’s uncommon for an employee with a criminal record to be hired by her department, the decision generally depends on the type of crime and when it was committed.

Source : microbilt

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