Your Child’s Teacher Could Be a Dangerous Criminal

teacherverification March 6, 2012 0

By Jamie Randall

When it comes to our kids there’s nothing we wouldn’t do. If there was a bus barreling down the road at 50 miles per hour and it was headed straight for your child you’d step right into it to save them, wouldn’t you? That’s just our natural need to protect our children from harm.

Unfortunately it’s a harsh world and there are bad things out there that can hurt them. And though we’d like to think we can protect them from all things dangerous, its just not possible to keep a 24 hour vigil over them. There are times when your little ones will be out of your sight and in the hands of others.

At one point or another you’ll have to trust a babysitter, teacher, or coach to look after your child. But what if the person you’re putting your trust in isn’t trustworthy at all?

Let’s face it. We’ve all seen stories on the news about teachers hitting, abusing, or even having affairs with students. We all tell ourselves, “That could never happen at my child’s school.” But could it?

We’d like to think that our schools run thorough background checks on all applicants before hiring them as teachers, aides, coaches, and counselors. We’d like to think they could weed out any potential predators trying to gain access to our children. But if that were the case we wouldn’t be hearing these types of stories on the news, right?

Obviously there is something wrong with the system. Either the schools aren’t running complete background checks or the criminals are outsmarting them.

One solution many concerned parents have discovered is the online background check. Thanks to the internet you can easily run a background check on anyone and get full results in just a few minutes. There is a small fee but isn’t it worth a few bucks for the peace of mind it will bring you?


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