Franklin County: Union Middle School teacher, student alleged sexual assault investigation

teacherverification February 22, 2012 0

An alleged sexual assault between a Union Middle School student and teacher is under investigation.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said the incident was initially reported to Union Police, but it allegedly happened outside city limits.

The name of the teacher and student are not being released.

Investigators said electronics are being reviewed and DNA evidence is being collected. They said it may take some time to archive the results before further information can be released.

The sheriff’s office said school officials are dealing with the accusations as per their normal procedure.

The Union R-XI School District sent home the following letter to parents in the district regarding the situation:

On Friday, February 3, 2012, the Union R-XI School District was notified of a possible legal issue related to an alleged incident occurring off school grounds. The allegation related to inappropriate physical conduct between a teacher and student enrolled within the District. The situation, as noted occurred off-campus, outside of city limits but within Franklin County boundaries, so the case is being investigated by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Following Board of Education policy in compliance with state and federal statute, the School District has taken, and is continuing to take, all legal and necessary precautions to protect our students, staff, and community. The staff member was immediately placed on paid administrative leave and will remain on leave until such time as the formal investigation has been completed and/or resolved.

Students are continuing with their educational programs with added counseling staff available should parents, families, or students express a desire or concern to discuss the situation. Limited information is available at this time in order to protect the safety, privacy, and educational stability of the students and staff within our community. The District will continue to focus on the most important mission of Union R-XI Schools which is as always the best educational program possible for all of our students.

Questions or concerns regarding individual students may be directed to their appropriate building level administration, with other questions or concerns regarding the situation directed to the Union R-XI Central Office.

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